Chinh Ba is an independent performance artist currently base in Hội An, Vietnam, experimenting across a range of poetry, art, sound, contemporary music. Chinh Ba began his role as an independent poet performing artist after a project using sound effects on memory areas in 2013. The use of sound installation art in different spatial levels to open up his own poetry creates space for viewers/audiences to live in their own domain. The solo performance Tranquility And War (a project use Chinh’s poems, Chinh’s ethnic vocal and skydrums – the drums are made by bombs from Vietnam-US war), and Being Stuck In The Reincanation Trap (a project of Chinh’s poems performance with experimental music) have been held in Hue, Hoi An, HCMC, and well received by the audience as a emerging unique style.

In addition of his solo work, Chinh Ba has collaborated with artists, performing company from various disciplines such as HSBO (Solo poetry performance and dancing in Contemporary Dance Show Lullaby, 2016), Lune Performing Center (musician, vocalist and dancer in Contemporary Dance Show Palao), worked with Choreographer Ngo Thanh Phuong as the role of producer and musican for her experimental dance film The Talks, worked with Choreographer Tuyet Minh as the role co-musican for her Contemporary dance Kieu, with vocalist Thanh Lam (Dai Lam Linh project) in a project of poetry and Ca Tru, with Nguyen Nhat Ly in PhusaLab, as a vocalist in Seaphony x Famlab of British Counsil Vietnam 2019.

From June 2019, Chinh Ba has been begun the role as founder of CAB Hoian, an art space which 3 disciplines: CAB Studio for dancing, performing, CAB Lab for Kids Art, CAB Residency for activitives and art residencies related to Tuong, an heritage music and theater in the Middle of Vietnam.