Collaborated with vocalist Thanh Lam, musician Alec Schachner and Thanh Tung in a experimental film project by director/choreographer Ngo Thanh Phuong – The Talks

In this project, 4 of us have improvised with 5 dancers. It has been the trully conversations, from movement to sound, from senses to senses, from human to ambience… 5 conversations between 1 woman and 4 men as well as the conversation with herself in the journey to find the own ego. The film is a visual installation of motion / non-motion covering the viewer in a space filled with images of emotions, memories, experiences.

released January 5, 2020

Composer | Thanh Lam, Chinh Ba, Alec Schachner, Thanh Tung
Arranging | Chinh Ba, Alec Schachner
Recording | Ech Ech Recording Studio, CAB Hoian
Mix&Master | Ech Ech Recording Studio