Roles | Founder & Art Director

Into Tuồng is the residency project sponsored by Goethe for young artists working in the fields of experimental music, contemporary music, visual, contemporary dance, street artists of hiphop, graffiti, graphic art, video art… The artists will turn a space in Hội An into an open art residence with activities. The young artists will improvise on the spot through activities with Tuồng artists and artisans such as dancing, singing, drawing, Tuồng literature, exchanges with the Tuồng theater from Huế to Bình Định province. The improvisation activities of artists must be inspired by Tuồng, using materials from Tuồng to create new things that are based on indigenous. The residency month performed in such an open space is also a chance for the commoners to visit or participate in the artist’s creative activities.

It is time for young artists understand more traditional value, use folk materials in exploring and creating progress as an identity and original confirmation. Working in Tuồng help they to study history, literature, customs, art performance in central region.