Roles | Poetry Performer & Dancer

Publicly launched in June and September 2017, the contemporary dance Night Lullaby is a humanistic story about sexual aspirations from maternal aspirations, the aspirations of the individual ego, the ex-ego of love between men and women, the ego must live within the framework of the beautiful values that others impose on themselves. The work is choreographed by talented choreographers Nguyen Phuc Hung and Nguyen Phuc Hai, with the participation of dancers Sung A Lung, Phan Thai Binh, Phan Tieu Ly and Chinh Ba. As an highlight, Chinh Ba’s poetry performance has been the role as a radical voice for resonance in space and mind.

Choreographer & Director | Nguyễn Phúc Hùng
Presenter | Ho Chi Minh City Opera House HSBO
Venue | Ho Chi Minh City Opera House
Dance performers | Sùng A Lùng, Phan Thái Bình, Tiểu Ly, Chinh Ba
Poetry performer | Chinh Ba

Premiered on June 7th 2016 and July 19th 2016 at Saigon Opera house, Vietnam