Copyright and Project Production: CAB Hoian

Founder & Project Director: Chinh Ba

Researchers: Chinh Ba, Đạt Nguyễn, Lê Mai Anh

Production Staff: Bảo Hân

“Over a Century of No Dance” is a long-term project on dance research and criticism, the field that has been taken with the least concern in Vietnam, even in professional dance schools. Through a demonstrative and systematic background of Modern Dance history, the project offers a comprehensive review of theories in association with historical contexts and important milestones – entailing individuals and organizations of significant contributions to the world history of dance. “Over a Century of No Dance” aims to popularize knowledge and information for those who practice or take an interest in dance; to promote dance criticism and the understanding of arts in general. The final goal is to preserve a foundation for Vietnamese dance to justify its role in the professional and global world dance.

Since the popular timelines on the internet archive are limited to only a few geographical studies such as “the history of modern American dance”, “the history of Tanztheater, etc; this project has the special feature of research-based progress to outline the world’s first timeline of modern dance.

The project includes the following steps:

1. To create a research group and pose a research problem

2. To build an open platform for research (demo attached)

3. Open-call for dance researchers and critics around the world to participate.