The Long Poem About Boundaries is Chinh Ba’s project in 2020 included poem, book, music and performance.

at the beginning…


I received a message from a friend in Gaza. It was a recording of bombing sounds. Blasting around places where he was staying. It was 2:00am at his side.I asked if he could send me a recording of the sound as he walked through the tunnel. He said it was very dangerous.


I start to write about the border lines. Things I feel do not belong to me. I see them with clear eyes throughout the whole journey. The border  lines. I start writing about border lines. The things I see that do not belong to me. Everything is crystal clear throughout the whole journey. 

The boundaries.

The borders that human create to stop the attacks. It means they have no way to escape. They fall into their own traps.That’s how I see the world. I see how conflicting it is when people try to create a dream of a heaven without borders, and then trap themselves in it. I see people worship humanism | when someone firing at the immigrants. I see people around building up walls painted by salivas and whispers, then erase them all at ease, like the way a drop of water vanishes before touching the ground… I see so many. And I write about me. I write about how I am living, how I am dealing with things I am creating, and seeing them being created. I do not write about the walls | TANGIBLE | being created.

I write about boundaries.

the first performance at Goethe Institute Hanoi in 17.8.2020

Author | Chinh Ba
Poetry performance | Chinh Ba
Music | Chinh Ba, Alec Schachner
Visual Artists | Linh Ha, Khanh Ha
Instalation | Chinh Ba
Sound equipment | Ech Ech Recording Studio
Set design | Sun Bright
Supported by Goethe Institute