Roles | Actor & Musician

Palao is a non-profit project on contemporary dance by artists working with PHUSA SE., sponsored by Hoian Lune Center. Palao seamlessly weave Cham rituals, culture, symbols, phisolophies and legends into contemporary dance, ethnic music and rich contemporary ambience. Artists use their haunting moves, voices, sounds from indigenous life of the real sad history. The once opponents’ descendants now confront history on stage, learn to let go of past tragedies to sail into the future, sharing universal messages of humanity.

Choreographer & Director | Ngô Thanh Phương
Authors | Nguyễn Nhất Lý, Maurice Nguyễn Lân, Ngô Thanh Phương, Inra Jaka
Presenter | Lune Performing Center
Musician | Thanh Lâm, Chinh Ba, Nguyễn Văn Quý, Nguyễn Ninh, Ngọc Hoà, Vũ Linh, JaYang, Ngọc Hữu
Dancers | Chinh Ba, Inra Jaka, JaYang, Hiếu Nhơn, Xuân Nguyên, Ngọc Huyền, Vũ Linh, Ngọc Hoà, Ngọc Hữu, Hữu Khang, Đức Sự, Ngọc Hà, Trang, Ngọc Tú